Thursday, October 17, 2019

Assembly Fixtures

          Sunshade PreAssy1                 Sunshade PreAssy2

      Sunshade Preassembly Fixture           Sunshade Preassembly Fixture


    DOOR SETTING ASSIST       Door Arch Trunnion Fixt for Laser Cell

          Door Setting Assist Fixture                    Door Arch Trunnion Fixture

         CENTERING FIXTURE AND SEAL APPLY               Drain Channel Assmbly

     Centering Fixture and Seal Apply                    Drain Channel Assmbly

     Guide Rail Press                  Rear Seal Assemble and Press

              Guide Rail Press                                   Rear Seal Assembly and Press

     Sunshade Assembly                      WIND DEFLECTOR ASSY STATION

                       Sunshade Assembly                              Wind Deflector Assembly Station